Valencia on January 2, 2020.

Matriceria de Inyección SL, a company dedicated to the design and production of molds, as well as the design and production of injected plastic parts for automotive, sanitary, construction and decoration is aware that QUALITY is a strategic factor of great importance, which It constitutes the best argument to compete in it, and it represents a guarantee for the continuity and future of the Company.

Our philosophy and quality assurance policy requires the involvement of all employees and their active contribution in the QUALITY SYSTEM, so that all our products have the Quality and Reliability necessary for the full satisfaction and continuity of customers.
Being the total satisfaction of the client and / or end user of the products the basic objective of the Quality System, the actions and procedures will cover the following objectives:

  •  Compliance with the requirements: both the client and the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the product.
  •  Prevention: Avoid the occurrence of Non-Conformities in each and every one of the phases and activities necessary to obtain the product.
  • Detection: Identify Non-Conformities with maximum speed and efficiency, as well as the risks to act on them.
  • Correction and Improvement: Apply the appropriate actions to correct the causes that give rise to Non-Conformities and to improve the Quality System.
  • Demonstration: Document and record the necessary actions to have objective evidence that all the requirements mentioned above have been met.

Be constantly informed on new technologies to automate certain processes and be more competitive, while avoiding human errors.

It is recognized that an effective Quality Policy is an integral part of our business activity and contributes to the loyalty of our customers, so necessary for the development of the company as a whole.

The Management ensures the application of the Quality policy and insures it to its customers.

Thanking your collaboration and delivery to the project.



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